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Media i.e. medium or medium. The media is called the fourth pillar of democracy. This can be gauged from the importance of the media. The role of media in the society is of communication.
KHABAR AJMER will serve as a bridge between different sections of society, power stations, individuals and institutions.

In the modern age, the general meaning of media is taken from newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet, etc. KHABAR AJMER will be a major contributor to the city’s progress and progress. If we say that KHABAR AJMER will build and rebuild the society, it will not be wrong. There are countless examples in history when people have used it as a reliable weapon of public change, recognizing the power of the media. The media was a major contributor to the devotion and enthusiasm of the British.

Even today, in front of the power of the media, the big politicians, industrialists, etc., bow down to all heads. The media also contributes a lot to the public awakening. Whether it is a polio drug campaign for children or the task of creating awareness about the corona, KHABAR AJMER will fully play its responsibility. KHABAR AJMER ‘s role in many tasks such as motivating people to cast their votes, making efforts to curb child labor, making them aware of the dangers of smoking will be commendable KHABAR AJMER
Will continue to make citizens aware of their rights from time to time. Will keep a close watch on the corrupt in the country. From time to time, a sting operation will bring the black face of these whites to the world. Thus KHABAR AJMER will prove to be a boon for all.